Oct 21, 2007

Finland the land that brought Nokia ... and Raikkonen

I'm litterally in tears because I've been a Raikkonen fan ever since he joined McLaren (I was a Hakkinen fan before) and saw this amazing driver with huge potential loose championship after championship because of his poor luck, his poor car or many other reasons. Just now, he made it! Champion of the 2007 formula one season! I love this man! He deserves it! He finally made it, finally grabbed luck by its face and told it "you won't crush me over anymore!". And when? During the most amazing and suspense-filled season, where for the first time ever since I started watching formula1, 3 drivers could grab the championship during the last race. I'm so excited for Raikko. Exceptionnal season, exceptionnal winner :)

Edit: I was just reading on the FIA website that Kimi Raikkonen was born in Espoo, Finland. Ehm now why does that region's name sound familiar? Oh yes, that's where Nokia's headquarters are! Sweet :p

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  1. Honestly, Raikkonen should've won the '05 championship as well! Finally he got the championship he deserved.


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