Oct 5, 2007

What I seriously love about WM

I know I have been going on about Windows Mobile for quite a while now but bare with me, this one is actually going somewhere. Windows Mobile is probably one of the most hated yet most loved platforms ever. I can't express how excited I am when I find a new thing I can do over my Qtek, yet I also could go on for hours talking about the disappointments I had.

One of the most amazing things about WM (besides the ones I already cited here) is something I found out recently : when I connect my WM to a computer with a running internet connection, using ActiveSync, I can actually use the connection on the WM device. No settings, no barriers, no questions, no answers, no add-ons, no applications, no nothing. It just works. I love this feature because I still haven't gotten a WiFi Router for my ADSL connection, so I'm pretty stuck with cables and laptops, which isn't very portable or very bed-friendly. So what I do now when I just want to chat with a friend or check a couple of small websites is that I put the laptop on a table beside my bed, turn it on, connect my Qtek via mini-USB, then lay in bed and do whatever I want. That's as portable as it gets right now. And I'm pretty satisfied, especially that I don't need to go through a hundred steps everytime I do it.

As far as I know, the only way to do so with Nokias is through GnuBox, which I haven't tried and won't ever think about trying. I only read it twice and it seemd as complicated as a heart transplant surgery. There's no way the average user would do it!

So that leaves me to wonder, shouldn't Nokia add this feature to their mobiles? Easy connection, no setups, no hassle. It's a must.


  1. Wow, that's pretty damn cool actually - and I hadn't even noticed!

  2. That is quite cool. However, I still prefer Nokia's One Touch Access. I don't want a GPRS session to be started automatically when I connect. One Touch Access is simple enough. An option to allow auto-connect would be better imo.

  3. I agree. Activesync Desktop Passthrough Internet connection is one important feature missing in S60 or UIQ platform that works just out of the box in WM. And as far as price to features ratio is concerned, WM has wide variety of GPS and WiFi enabled mobile devices at easy prices and a huge catalog of good software, overclocking and registry hacks(XDA-Forum??).

    My next phone most probably is going to be a WM 6 or later device unless there's some better models from Nokia.

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