Dec 23, 2007

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

You know I have been a good girl this year. I was there for my friends in need, I was respectful with everyone. I didn't study all that much, but I managed to pass my masters exams brilliantly. I helped my friends install applications, themes and games on their mobiles and I helped 5 friends get new phones (4 Nokias and 1 HTC) according to their needs and budgets, they are all very glad about my advices.

If you've been watching me all year Santa, you would know that I love mobiles, a little bit too much for people's taste, but when they need something they always come to me. But Santa, look around at all the devices in the shops, and look at mine. See, Santa, I can't be much of a mobile blogger with a Nokia 3250 in my hands! There will come a time when I wouldn't be able to help people anymore cuz I don't know how to because my main unit leaves me outdated. So Santa, if you just help me get a new device this year, you would be helping a lot of people along, how cool is that? My parents want to get me a brown jacket and boots, I can't tell them I want a new mobile instead, they'll kill me. See, they are as far away from technology as you are from the South Pole.

Ok Santa, I hear you, I'll cut the begging and tell you what i want for Christmas:
- a Nokia N95 8GB or an N82 or the rumored N96 (hotty!)
- a Nokia N810 or an iPod Touch 16GB
- an E-Series device to play with for a while

See, I am not asking for much, money-wise.

But there are also a couple of things I want for 2008. I will be applying for a Masters 2 in the Univeristy of Paris 5, called "Structure, Proteome et Genomique Fonctionelle". I know this sounds like a loads of crap to you Santa, but this is what I love, this is where I know I'll be able to proove myself. In a couple of words, gene therapy is the future, for many disease's cures, and I want to be part of it. Not for my own glory Santa, I am not that selfish, but to help sick people. So if you can tell them a couple of positive words about me to help me get in, I'd be really delighted.

One more thing, this year I want my country to have a President. It's stupid I know because the country is running with/without him, but it would be good to have someone warming that empty seat in Baabda. I am not a religion maniac Santa, but this is the only powerful post for a Christian in Lebanon and in the Middle East, and I would like it to remain this way. See with days passing by they are proving that we don't need a president to run the country, which means that we might end up always without one. That would be bad.

Ok, this is it, Santa. I don't know if I deserve all I've asked for but I really really need and want all of those. Now off I go Santa, my mom says lunch is ready and there's a nice smell in the house. Seems like it's chicken. I could save you a plate for tomorrow. Oh and I know we don't have a chimney but you can always manage to squeeze yourself through the Air Conditioner hole. Just park your ride on the building roof, but please don't let Rudolf move the satellite antenna. Dad says it's very delicate and that's why he didn't want me to write you a letter this year: said you'll ruin the dish's direction. And don't eat too much candies tomorrow night. You've spent all this year trying to get off those 5 kgs you took last christmas. Hush Hush, I know it's a secret, but your diet advisor told me, she was my friend in college.

B-Bye Santa.

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  1. The funniest santa letter i've ever read, probably bcoz it's libneniyyeh 2i77 :D All I wish u Rita is a merry christmas under a glowing tree with an N95 8GB (or N82, lak rou7eh N96 :)) in your hand, reading the acceptance email at Université de Paris 5 ;P


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