Dec 23, 2007

Review - Sony MDR-Q68

A couple of days ago, I got the MDR-Q68 Clip-On Headphones from Sony. I had been looking at several options of retractable headphones and earphones, because let's face it, I am not good with wires. Cord cluster is something I totally hate and I don't know why but everytime I pick my earphones from my bag, pocket or table, I find at least 2 or 3 knots. So I thought retractable was the way to go. I eventually ended up wondering whether to get the MDR-Q68 or the MDR-KE30 Bud Style earphones, but since I already have my white iPod earphones, I thought headphones would be a great change.

The MDR-Q68 come in 4 different color shades: white and pink, black and blue, black and red, all black. Normally all-black would've been the best option, but they were made out of a similar material to the N81, which meant fingerprint and grease magnet. Black and blue looked totally cool, but it's Xmas, heck, I got the black and red that also looked extremely nice.

As you can see from the images above, there is one button on each headphone. One retracts the cord between the two headphones, and one retracts the 3.5mm cord.

The MDR-Q68 are comfortable to wear, not too light, not too heavy. They just feel right around the ear, and I could easily wear them for 2 hours without feeling disturbed. The black hangers are adjustable and can really fit any ear shape.

I am not a sound expert, but I do listen to music on a daily basis (1 to 2 hours a day). I compared the sound quality of the MDR-Q68 to the earphones that came with my Nokia 3250, my iPod earphones and several others that I had in my tech drawer. All I can tell is that they sounded as good as the others, and they can deliver really high sound volumes. They are not noise-cancelling or extreme quality, but they sound really good for the casual listener.

For 30$, the MDR-Q68 aren't cheap but don't cost an aweful much. They are extremely stylish, feel perfect around the ear, are small, easy to carry, relieve you from wire and cord cluster, sound nice. I would most definitely recommend them to the casual music listener, looking for a nice retractable replacement for their earphones. The white and pink ones are the lady killers (trust me), the black and blue ones will have many music lovers sigh.

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  1. A simple but strong review. I have the mdr-q22lp (modded) and the mdr-q68lp (black), and both sounds awesome.

    Do you know if there is a replacement for the ear pad cushion for these headphones?



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