Dec 6, 2007

New Blog Colors

Quick note:
So I have updated the blog banner and changed the blog colors accordingly. But something doesn't feel right... Feel free to suggest. I want to keep the green/pink/blue colors from the s60 logo. Do you think I should go back to the light grey background color i was using or is this new dark blue one good? And where do you think i should add the green/pink/blue colors? I feel like however I turn this around it doesn't look good. Suggestions are welcome.


  1. Changes are great Rita,But I still love the site decorations you had in your early site(Vox).
    By the way I think it would be better if you can omit the pink text,cos on a blue background like this it makes dull appearance.And also Stretch the banner horizontally so that it covers the whole header area(I love that little s60 star).-I cant see clearly the bottom part of the banner,dunno whether it is some kind of fault in my browser.
    Good luck.

  2. I agree you should stretch the banner horizontally, but I don't think you should omit the pink text.

  3. Rita, to be honest I don't like how the blog looks now. It's very tiring on the eyes. Most sites are with a light background, so when I read a few articles on your site and then go to another site, I immediately feel the strain on my eyes.
    Perhaps a more soothing shade of blue as the background?


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