Dec 10, 2007

N95 8GB coming from WOM World - HELP NEEDED!

They say when it rains, it pours. Well it seems that this saying is true. I am leading a hectic rythm of life now and to top that, In the next days, I will be getting an N95 8GB from WOM World! Hoorray!

Remember when I was deserately trying to trial an N95 8GB? Well, I shot them an email and they answered, but silly Gmail, the reply ended up in my Spam folder and it isn't until this saturday, 23 days later, that I noticed I had an email in Spam. A quick look at it and it was their approval! Thank God I didn't wait more than 30 days to check my Spam, Gmail would've erased it by then.

Anyway all works well in a perfect world, and if my math is correct, the N95 8GB will still be here for Christmas :) What a nice gift? Heh?

So, since I always have a weird approach to everything, I am putting these 2 weeks of trial for a good use and going for something other than reviewing the N95 8GB... Well, I might eventually review it in the end, but for now I have something else in mind. This is where you readers kick in. I would love each and every one of you, if you have time, to answer these questions:

1 - What are the top 10 uses of the N95? (top 5 if you can't think of 10, but I am sure you could easily come up with 20 and even 30)
2 - Pick 1 application you think I should download to the N95 in these categories (preferably freeware): web browser, instant messenger, rss reader, gps navigation, photo sharing, online communities, mail catcher.
3 - Name 10 more (other than the ones you just cited in question 2) great applications (preferably freeware) that run great on the N95 / are designed for it.
4 - If you had to pick ONLY ONE feature by which to describe the N95, what would it be?
5 - Name 10 mobile websites that run well on the N95 and that I should check on it.

Please answer these if you have an N95 or any other S60 3rd device with connectivity features. Also feel free to answer as many as you can or with as much (I picked 10 as a number, but you can give me 7, 8 or even 5 exemples to each question). These will be a lot of help for me, because my current device doesn't have any sort of GPS features, wifi or connectivity. So I am less into software that require these features and I could use some advice.

Voice in you asnwers as soon as you can. For me, I should probably set my mind to getting a router for my ADSL connection now. I won't be wasting the N95's wireless capabilities by spending just a couple of minutes everyday on the university's slow WLAN network!


  1. Not sure if I can be as precise but; Personally I try to use the N95 for the following:
    1) Music, Pictures, Checking E-mail, RSS, Jaiku, keeping up to date with news and events using the browser.

    2/3) As for applications, you should try out the Jaiku S60 client, Palringo, GMaps, SocialFM client, Mystrands, and a few utility apps like Screenshot, Y-Browser and Rotateme.

    4) An all in one device, best way to describe it in my opinion.

    5) My personal sites I visit daily; m.facebook, m.jaiku,, bloglines, flickr, bbc mobile, espn mobile,

    Hopefully that helps you on your way to trialling the N95 8GB.


  2. Dear Rita,
    I'm interested if email notifications REAALLY works in the N95 8GB. I tried this BB replacing feature in 6110 navi, N95, E51, with no luck.

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  4. Glad to hear that you are getting it.
    Hoping to answer you questions,But give me few days(After 18th)as I'm having my exams these days.Enjoy your time with the new device.

  5. Keep up the good site, my responses:

    1.Top Uses of the N95
    1. Calling people like as a phone, obvious but should be number 1. Hoping there is no hiss on the line or anything
    2. Texting <- Which is one of the reasons I love Nokia. It's the same with every nokia phone S40 + S60 (except S60, it looks up on those contacts on the phone only rather than the SIM card)
    3. Mp3 player, also used daily when commuting.
    4. GPS, I can't believe how useful this is, looking up addresses and using like a Map so I don't get lost. I've never used it for Sat-Nav navigation in a car though.
    5. Radio
    6. Games, for long journeys
    7. Playing small movies e.g. South Park/Family Guy episodes lean well to the smaller screen and great for long train journeys
    8. Web, I use the built in browser if I'm in a free wifi area to check news etc
    9. Lots more, USB storage device, Quickoffice, .. but I am now trying to keep it down as it slows the phone down if you have 40+ odd apps, games installed.
    10. Oh and the Lightsabre program, although I will get bored of this little app eventually, it is my favourite way of showing off my phone at the moment to friends. I noticed with the new v20 firmware with the N95 you can now play Groove Labyrinth. The free nokia game with the 5500 that uses its tilt sensor. Does N95-8GB have this

    2. freeware apps
    Web browser - try Opera
    instant messenger - try MSN as it builds itself into the messages folder for hotmail
    gps nav- try the built in one or google maps

    4. The GPS, other phones have good mp3 player, Txting and calling but this feature is great.
    5. websites are; bbc news, allbaboutsymbian,,, and naturally Dotsisx !

  6. Sadly No way to answer this as I've promised.Cos Had some Idea to buy one in the last week but changed my mind and went for a 5700


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