Dec 27, 2007

N95 8GB Is In Da House!

Ha yeah! As you read, the N95 8GB just arrived. I have unboxing pictures and a couple first impressions and all that, but ya gonna have to wait... For some reason my computer keeps shutting down when I open Windows Movie Maker to try and make a video out of the unboxing pictures. Argh!!! And no, I won't just upload the pictures! *frown*

Anyway, follow the full coverage here on Dotsisx and on Symbian-Guru in the next 2 weeks. There's plenty to cover, little time and a final exam coming up.

One sentence to sum up the experience so far:
I'm gonna miss this sucker when it goes back home and I'm left with my 3250 :'(


  1. wow santas good girl has received her gift.My wishes for you Rita.We'll be waiting to see whats coming up from you.Good Luck.

  2. Hi Santa said: good girls must share (talking about your new nokia). My extension # 8730


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