Dec 23, 2007

Gold Mine For Italian Themers & Themes

Let's face it, I am a theme maniac. I change themes at least once a week, sometimes even once a day. I have been a fan of many, many theme makers for a while, and never found their original homeland. I always ended up with one of their themes on some viral russian or chinese forum. Not too convenient. I wanted all the collection, from the master himself/herself. One themer in particular was always on my must-find list: Jendell.

So recently I was browsing, googling or whatever (can't remember), and I ended up finding Nokioteca. What is Nokioteca? The homeland of all glorious Italian themers. Turns out all the theme makers I was longing to find were italian, and all had a thread, on Nokioteca, made by them, with all their collections, from scratch: Jendell, Ivanov, Giambi and Gnokkia. Add to that the very well known Babi, Pietro (or Pasco to many), Pizero, Luca and Lillium, and you've got yourself an amazing idea of how many great and even GRAND might I say theme providers are Italians, flourishing in that hidden Nokioteca forum. Along the way, I jumped on some other threads, and started looking at other themers, like Luciola, Martina, Rugge89lau and Ciuppy.

Yes, the forum is in italian and first off you won't understand a word, but you'll easily recognize the theme screenshot and the huge "DOWNLOAD" link below.

Finalmente, molto bello!

Yeah I am starting to catch up on a couple of italian words myself, thanks to Pasco's blog being on my RSS feeds and him posting in italian, and now to Nokioteca. What are you waiting for, jump up to the theme threads in Nokioteca (S60 3rd and FP1) and I seriously recommend Ivory and Steel by Ivanov, Blox and Symphony by Jendell, Shockin'Red by Giambi, Xmas for me by Gnokkia.

Now tell me, don't you think these themers need to get a blog of their own? I already made an ultimate request for that, seems like some liked the idea, but I am still waiting. Join me in that request, please.


  1. I've tried to be a member of
    but I failed due to input the figure of D'ni number 25
    anybody knows how to input this figure
    I've installed D'ni fonts

  2. Just type "25" in the text box, should do it


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