Dec 4, 2007

Pick my new blog banner - Results Innnnn

Remember the Pick my new blog banner poll? Well results are in, and they aren't pretty much different from what I expected.

Banner 5: the dark blue one with the dance-step fonts grabbed the 3rd place.
Banner 1: the green one with pink-written Dotsisx, ie the improved version of the banner I am using right now, managed to catch the runner-up spot.
And all glory went to Banner 3, the dark blue one with harry-potterish looks (yes I am sticking to this impression). With 58% of the votes, the choice was very clear. Plus, it was my own favorite ;) Ladies and Gentlemen, hail the new Dotsisx Banner! (well, you've picked it, now live with it!)

I will update the looks of the blog in the following week to fit the new banner. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a couple of reports to write.

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