Dec 7, 2007

Thoughts on Comes With Music

I had jotted down some notes but as crazy as I am now, I ended up dumping the document in the recycle bin and emptying it the second after, just to realize a moment from then that i had deleated my article. I will try to repost as much as I can of it.

If you are here, then you probably know many S60 blogs/sites and you probably know that Nokia announced on Tuesday during their first day on the Nokia World expo a new service called Comes With Music.

My point behind that 1 page article I had written was to say that Comes With Music is every music and Nokia lover dream come true. Ricky (from Symbian-Guru) has posted today his thoughts on the whole matter, and I totally agree with him. It will introduce customers to the Nokia Music Store, to your device's music capabilities and to new artists and bands. It is also beneficial for the music industry since they'd be getting money from people who usuallu pirate the songs. I know it's a paid service and that the songs will be DRM'd and that it will launch in almost a half a year and that only Universal is on it now, but all those limitations get erased in my point of view.

Honestly I wouldn't mind popping in 50-100$ more on a device to get all-I-can-eat music for free from major labels for a year. I wouldn't mind the DRM either if the device had a 3.5mm headphone jack, a couple of music dedicated keys, a great battery life and some 8GB memory. And those are the specifications of almost all music-aimed devices by Nokia. I wouldn't also mind not being able to sync the music with my iPod or my laptop, because after all I don't take the laptop everywhere and I would easily let go of my iPod. I already carry the Qtek, the 3250 and the iPod. One less gadget in my bag would be great!

These are my main thoughts, you might disagree but I am sticking to the idea that it's one of the greatest ideas Nokia has ever had. The ordinary Mike wouldn't try to see what his device holds, he just uses it for sms, calls, pictures and ringtones. But when you tell him he can have his music for free, directly on the device, for one year, ordinary Mike won't be able to refuse the temptation of "free". He will do everything to set his connection to work, he will buy a wireless router for his house, he will search for hotspots all over the country, in order to access his "free" music. While using his connection, he will start wondering if he could IM or check his Facebook account on his device and he will therefore discover browsing and installing applications, and then Bam! Welcome to the real world of Symbian!

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