Dec 18, 2007

Salling Clicker Gets Reviewed

Jaime Rivera from has just put up a 2-page review of Salling Clicker. I have been using Salling for quite a while now and just simply loving it. In a couple of words, it remote controls your PC, using your phone and a BT or WiFi connection. Make sure to check the review for all the screenshots they have posted to see what this treasure looks like. I'll just add a couple of things:

- you have to buy Salling Clicker once, no matter what device you use. Because you only register the PC client. Then you can download the mobile client to one or a hundred devices, they are free and they work. There are S60 3rd clients, WM clients, Java clients,... more than 300 devices are supported so it's an extremely nice deal.

- BT connection works like a charm. I usually have the PC client autostarting with Windows, and then when I need to use it, I just pick my phone, turn BT on and then launch Clicker and connect. Takes 5 seconds all-in-all. I do agree with Jaime that getting connected on WM is slower and less intuitive than on Nokia, but hey, their loss!

- It works this well even on the Toshiba BT stack (which is quite weird and doesn't work with most apps)

- The iTunes controlling is just Awesome. You can search for a song from the device (search by artist, genre, album, song name), you can browse full playlists and launch whichever you want, you can view album art.

- There are all sorts of PC notifications when you pause, forward, skip or rewind a song. But the greatest one is when you get a phone call and see the caller number or name on the PC. Brilliant.

You can check out Jaime's review here or catch the official website here.


  1. Where do you download the mobile client? I can't find it on the Salling site... just the windows client.

  2. when u download the windows client, it asks u what device u r using, and sends the client to ur device (all clients for all devices are in the .exe file u download for windows) i hope that explains.

  3. Thanks, that's great. It works and I even bought the software to use with my SE P910 :)


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