Nov 29, 2007

"How are you?" Crap as hell!

This is one little post to tell you that I will post extremely rarely on Dotsisx during the next 2-3 weeks. Reasons:
- I have 6 reports (5-7 page each) due next week
- I have my masters memoire (20-30 pages) due next week
- I have my training report (along the 200 pages) due in 2 weeks
- I have 2 final exams on the 18th (i think)
- I have my Gastro-Pneumo 3-week training starting on the 10th of december, and the doctors/interns in this department ask us to do a medical presentation every 2-3 days
- I have to read some journal articles for my end-year thesis (20-30 articles) and that before the 10th of december

But don't you think you're gonna miss me :) Oh no, you will see me, just somewhere else. Let's leave it here. Hopefully I will get my things together.


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