Nov 4, 2007

Michael Mace's 2007 April's Fool ain't much of a prank after all!

Back in April 2007, when the N73 was still hot as volcano lava, yeah waaaaay back then, Michael Mace wrote on his blog Mobile Opportunity an amazing piece of entertainment and creativity called An early look at the ultimate social networking tool. To tell you the truth, it wasn't until I read the last sentence that I noticed that it was an April's Fool post. To my defense, we don't do much April's Fool tricks in my family or friend circle, so to me it was just another day: I wasn't pretty aware it was April 1st. Plus, Michael usually writes very serious, informative and open-minded posts, I just couldn't question his sources. And finally, we're seeing just about any sort of extravagant technology nowadays popping up as a concept or an almost reality, so his idea wasn't much unbelievable to me.

So, in April 2007, Michael considered this idea of his so abracadabral he raised it to be the April's Fool post. Now, in November 2007, merely 8 months later, the concept isn't that far away. In fact, brain-to-device interaction (without the need for the middle-man aka the finger) is under development! What kind of wagon are we on? Abdul Aziz of the Tech[dot]Blog reports that brainwaves will be used to control pc, mobiles or games and unlike Michael's creative post, the links actually work and take you to the original post by (which also has a demo video!) and to the concept developers' websites: NeuroSky and Project Epoc.

I'll just let you read the pieces and won't comment in fear of bringing you back from your daydream... See you in, ehm let's see, 10 minutes. Is that enough? I guess it's enough.

10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 0.

Now get back to Planet Earth: yo phone's ringin 'n it ain't yo brain dat's gonna answa dis one. Maybe in 2015?

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