Nov 29, 2007

During a boring pharmacy legislation course (s60 3rd love)

Passionate teacher Mme Jihane Abou Jaoude in white, bored student (Cynthia K) looking at her watch in orange, black bag on the table, roaming Tanios looking at something or nothing, Elie next to him asleep (the black sweater on the lowest left of the pic), interested students (or not) trying to take a couple of notes, and well, me...

...the mobile addict playing with some cool Nokias taken from my surrounding classmates. See from left to right: Cynthia E's N80, Stef's 6120, Yaya's N76 (with a peeled silver front), Racha's N73 and my 3250. Picture taken with Zeina's 3250 music edition (blame the lack of quality on the 2MP). All I can say is that I just noticed that my little surrounding only carries S60 3rd devices and that beside the N80, all devices were bought after my comments and advices. I told Yaya about the N76's silver coating problems and advised her to go for an E65 instead, she went ahead and got the N76 and regretted it the next month. Well beside Yaya, everyone is content with their choices and I'm a happy tech-advisor/friend.

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