Nov 10, 2007

Net60 Beta Released!

Red Five Labs have just released the beta of their application Net60. If you don't remember Net60, I wrote about it a while ago with the My Madness Makes Sense post, then mentionned it while reporting about StyleTap then corrected some mistakes made about it again here. In case you don't have time to go through it all, Net60 is an S60 3rd application that should allow you to run applications developed under the .NET 1.0 Compact Framework, ie some applications that already run on Windows Mobile.

While I first went jumping off my feet when I first heard about it (because of my legendary rant about Symbian not supporting medical applications), I was quickly brought to the real world after noticing that Net60 only supports .NET 1.0 and not v2 and v3, and also that it will only be restricted to smartphone apps and not all WM apps, because of the lack of a touchscreen on Symbian devices (hopefully this one problem will be solved by next year).

In any case, Net60 should allow more developers to integrate the Symbian sphere, because of the .NET CF support. It also is a nice step in the right direction. The team behind it is really great and enthusiastic. The support they provide is awesome. I have been in contact with one member, Filip Bulovic, for a while now and I can tell from the amazing fast replies to my mails that this company CARES.

Unfortunately, the beta they just released is restricted to registered users of the site who still have to apply a form and wait for approval to get there. But if you're interested in this kind of novelty, hop in, you don't know. I've already applied myself, I wonder if I will be accepted :s but if I don't there's always Filip and I wouldn't mind shouting in his ears for a while!

[Edit: Well my request has been approved for the beta, and instead of me shouting an email to Filip, he's the one who sent me an email! Go figure! Anyway, I'm downloading it as we speak. I don't know if I'll be able to give it a go during this week (a lot of postponned university projects are due soon) but I'll keep you posted.]

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