Nov 4, 2007

Can't play Nokia Music Store's tracks!

You most probably know that Nokia launched on the 1st of November their UK Music Store. Of course, I registered and because I don't have any sort of Internet paying Card, I went on to download the free track of the week. It's Freemason's Nothing But A Heartache.

After it finished downloading, I just couldn't get it to play. When I click on it, it says "Downloading media usage rights" (I understand that's DRM) in the Nokia Media Player toolbar. Then it shows up an xp window titled "Media Usage Rights Acquisition" with a spinning earth globe. After a couple of seconds, I get a "This program cannot display the webpage" note with this address "".

I am using Windows XP FP2 with IE7 so it's supposed to work. I tried to open the track with Windows Media Player, but I got the same result. My WMP is set to automatically download usage rights for tracks so that's not the problem.

Anybody has this issue? Do you know what's the problem? Is it the fact that I don't live in the UK? Can it be solved? The middle eastern Nokia Music Store won't probably be launched for a year, plus I am not a fan of arabic music, so the UK store was ok for me, even though I can't buy. If it works, I could at least browse, listen to previews, see what's new and get the free tracks ;)

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