Nov 23, 2007

The Lebanese Situation

You must be living in a desert with no TV, no internet, no satellites, no electricity if you don't know that the lebanese political situation has degenerated dramatically the last days. Honestly I don't know what's gonna happen next. If you remember I wrote a post in September called Tomorrow, a day in history. Well, the new president wasn't elected then, and still not.

Today, at midnight, the presidency of Emile Lahoud will be over, and still, there isn't a new president. The whole deal is that for electing a new president, there should be 2/3 of the parliament present. But since there are 2 forces in Lebanon who possess 55-60% and 40-45% of the parliament, neither are capable of electing a president to their liking without the presence of the other group. Constitutionally, the government should take control of things, do another parliament election and the new parliament would elect the new president. Problem is the actual government is anti-constitutional itself (1/3 ministers resigned, were murdered or were unassigned). Another solution is that the actual president, Emile Lahoud, puts the army general in charge of a temporary government that would do parliament elections.

I could go on for hours explaining what I know of the situation, and that would be only 1% of the whole story: I am not a politics fanatic. But I will tell you the end of it: we either end up with 2 governments, 2 parliaments and 2 presidents with the eventuality of a civil war on the end of the tunnel, either a bunny is taken out of the hat (that's my training supervisor's way of saying a president would be elected). Sure enough, we should know which way we are headed by midnight today.

It's 1:07pm here, so less than 11 hours left. It's the deadly countdown.

Please pray for my country, for my country's people. Pray for everything I believe in. Pray for christians and muslims living together, pray for the little dot on the world map that every major country is intersted in. Pray that we can finally forget this whole nightmare that started a year or so ago. Pray for people that just want to live fully to the last breath, party, go out, laugh, socialize, dance, drink, eat, invest, build, without having to wonder whether tomorrow everything might disappear.

[Edit: They just announced that the presidential election has been postponned to next friday. Another week of hell. Seriously, I just want it to be over!]

[New edit: Emile Lahoud just handed the security to the army and said that the current government is non-constitutional and hence the army shouldn't be held responsible in front of it (or something like that)


  1. Definitely keeping this in prayer for you.

  2. Dear Friend Rita,We all pray for the peace in world.I don't know whether you have ever heard the situation in sri lanka.Just have a look at this it tells it clearly
    This took place on last Wednesday(First time in history something like this was caught on camera--This is in minor scale) morning,and as it was not successfully they carried out the second attack in the evening in a crowded shopping mall killing 20 innocent civil people including school children who were on their way home.


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