Nov 23, 2007

Quick Updates

I can't reply to 3JAM's sms
As you probably know by now, I have a "Text me" widget provided by 3JAM, that allows visitors of the site to send me sms for free. I used to be able to reply, but I don't know why a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the reply sms couldn't be sent, and remained stuck in my Outbox. I don't know what is the problem, and although I have been trying to solve it, it doesn't look like it will be fixed any time soon. Seems like sms are blocked from lebanon to the US. So I apologize to everyone who has sent me an sms in the last month or two, for not being able to reply. I will do so here, quickly:
- Mohsen: there are many apps like the 1 you requested, but I don't use them so I can't recommend any :s
- Partha: thanks for your comment and hope you liked that I didn't post a review but a personal view on SkyeQuiKey
- KoOoty: thanks for the nice words
- Marwan: thanks for the warm wishes

One more thing, if you sms me with a question or a request or anything that would need an answer, please insert an email or a phone number I can reply on. Until this issue is fixed, that's the only solution I have.

New Blog Banner
You probably noticed that the Dotsisx banner needed some serious improvements. If you remember, it was first a flash banner which I uploaded on ZShare but it kept showing as "image couldn't be found" so I eventually took a "print screen" out of it and posted it as jpeg. At that time, I wasn't really good with image creation and Photoshop was just too complicated for my tastes. As I am now taking a Photoshop course as an optional at uni, the world of image editing is becoming clearer. I did a couple of banners and maybe I will let you, readers, choose between them. But at the time, this is the first finished one. I hope you like it, and bear with me, it's on of my first creations.

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