Nov 5, 2007

SkyeQuiKey by SkyeStream

Even with the new symbian mobiles that have incredible RAM and processors, accessing applications burried deep down in the 3rd or 4th level of the menu takes a couple of seconds and can lead to some "oh where the 'eck did I put that?" screams and indignations. Now, of course, there used to be a solution to access those apps, AppQLaunch, which I have already reviewed over here. But AppQLaunch was only an application quick launcher, it didn't allow quick contact search (which I needed desperately since the Contacts was taking ages to load) nor direct inbox/sent items access, which is a feature I have been dying to have.

And here comes SkyeQuiKey: a solution to both of my problems. I won't review the application here, because Zacharye has already put up a very nice and detailed review on SiMo. What I will do is emphasize on the things I like in it and what are the improvements that would make it a 10/10 for me (it's an 8/10 now, not that much behind!)

What I seriously like about SkyeQuiKey
- It is darn lightening - fast!
- It doesn't slow down the phone. I tried it on my practically full Nokia 3250. I didn't notice any slowing down in phone processes, on the opposite : it made accessing things much much easier and faster.
- Unlike any other app, this one doesn't need to be summoned by any key before it starts searching. Just type a letter from the standby screen and it functions. Very convenient.
- Unlike AppQLaunch where I had to write down the name of the application, letter by letter, SkyeQuiKey functions on a T9-like system. At first it's not that intuitive when you see the numbers in the box but the letters on the selected apps, but after a couple of times, thankfully, it all makes sense.
- As I said, it not only searchs apps but also searchs contacts. If you're like me and the Contacts application on your phone takes ages to launch, then this little piece of software will relieve you from sooo much hassle. Just type the numbers corresponding and send an sms, an email, call,... it's awesome! I didn't know how much time it'd save me until I tried it :)
- Not only it searches contacts by names, but it also searches by companies, which is more than just convenient and is missing from S60's original platform.
- As I stated, it can be used to launch the inbox, drafts, outbox, sent items, which is absolutely phenomenal to me. I have been waiting for this feature for so long, I got sick'n'tired of having to go to my menu/messages/inbox everytime I needed to check something quickly. This is probably the one feature that made me fall in love with SkyeQuiKey. It may not be as essential to you as it is to me, but seriously, try it once and you'll never go to your inbox or sent items through the menu again!
- It can be used to know the name behind an unknown number. Let me explain, say someone asks you: "do you know this number 01234567?". You know it but can't recall who has this number, it's right there in your head but won't come out. What do you do? Normally, you tap the number on your phone and call. If the person is in your contacts then you'll see it in the "calling" bubble. Then you immediately disconnect after you see the name. Right? Well, the beauty of SkyeQuiKey is that you don't have to do that. Just type the number and you'll see the contacts name on your screen. It searches contacts by number too!
- It immediately updates its database. When you create a new contact, it is immediately added to the database, and so is the case with new installed apps/games.

What needs to be fixed
Although I didn't have any drastic let downs with SkyeQuiKey, I experienced a couple of disappointments with the contact search part of the application (the software search and launch was perfect) and here they are:
- Add to Contacts is no longer possible! Suppose you need to add a new number to an existing or new contact. What do you usually do? Type the number then S60 gives you the option to add to a new or existing contact. Well with this software, once you type a new number (one that doesn't exist in your data), you're only presented with the option to call. No more easy add to contact features. Now you'll have to go open Contacts, select add new for new contacts, or browse to the one you want to update and click edit. Not convenient!
- I already said that it allows to search contacts by number. But it still asks for the number after the contact is selected! I guess this one isn't clear enough. Let me explain. Suppose my friend XY has a couple of numbers, one of which is 01234567. I type 01234567 on the screen, it narrows down the search to XY. I choose to send an sms or to call or to send an mms (whatever the shortcut to that action is set), and what does the app do? Ask me for the number! For heaven's sake, I just wrote down 01234567 myself whilst searching, what number do you think I want to sms/call/mms?
- It doesn't import sms defaults. In his review, Zach opened my eyes to one feature I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for him. While the app gives you the freedom to chose what operations are performed with the right arrow and left arrow selection, it also comes with 2 other shortcuts: the green-call button which immediately calls the default phone number (if it set for this contact) and the center dpad button which gives you the option to call all the contact's numbers. While these 2 shortcuts are quite handy because of the support for both default and all numbers call, it isn't the case with sms. If I set a certain number to be the default messaging number for a certain person, SkyeQuiKey won't recognize the default and will still ask me what number I would like to send the sms to. I want to have both defaults and all numbers sms. Or at least defaults. Or make it recognize the mobile number immediately as the default sms number. I don't know, but it needs to be fixed!
- When I choose to view a certain contact, it first opens the contact application then waits a second or two then opens the contact's card. The lag time is too long, should be shortened somehow.
- How the hell did they come up with the "SkyeQuiKey" name? Such a horrible unpronouncable name for such a beauty!

What new features I would love to be added
- Send an sms to a non-contact number ie when I type a new number, give me the option to send an sms to it, not just call it.
- Add more contacts search options, like job titles, nicknames, addresses, emails,... Company is great but a little push forward wouldn't do it any wrong.
- Give me the option to edit contacts, and not just sms/mms/emai/call them or view their contact card.
- Give me the option to uninstall applications or games, not just launch them.
- Let me also assign the green call key and the center button shortcuts.
- More searchable data, like themes or files or inside sms...
- Like the messaging subdivisions quick launch (inbox/sent items/...) I would love to have quick access to Gallery subdivisions and Settings subdivisions, ie Images, Videos, Tracks, Sound clips, Phone, Call, Connection, Date and time,... I suppose it's doable :D

Well in all manners, I believe SkyeStream have a winner in their hands. This amazing piece of software can easily replace so many other applications and works amazingly fast. A couple of adjustments, especially the sms defaults import and reintroducing the "add to contact" would be very welcomed. Other features would make it a perfect wonder. That's my opinion, fair and square, no added sugar, no extra cheese :p


  1. Nice review...I gave the software a go few days ago and was impressed. It's everything that Nokia Search could have been (The local search utility not the web part).
    I think you are only forgetting speed dials (by pressing number + green call button) don't work anymore unless you keep the number pressed. Also, my N95 is definitively slower...In fact I'm thinking of uninstalling it because of this.
    As you said, more data to launch like folders or for example be able to type 11 and open the calendar on 11th of this month, or November...
    Add support for profiles.
    Add actions not just for sms but for everything. If I type bluetooth, I might want to switch bluetooth on/off

    Also, the version I tried didn't have the problem of contacts in the "Send to field" problem when sending text messages...

  2. Forgot to say that the contact search is great because it looks into the company and phone number but it does not work as a search because it will only show the number if you type from the beginning. If you have a friend called Hanna and type anna, the contact won't be picked up ;-(
    Also, say you type few numbers and press the red call button, the main screen will disappear but the first number you pressed will stay on the screen... The more I use this application, the more I think they should have added beta like google does for any application ;-)

  3. Thank you reda for your feedback. Sure this software isn't a perfect one, like everyone is pointing but it's a HUGE step in the right direction. Now let me comment on your suggestions point by point.
    It's true that it doesn't "search" the contacts (like the anna/hanna eg u gave) but let's not forget it's a launcher and not a search software, mainly.
    I didn't find that it slowed my phone, probably because I stopped running a couple of apps because this one replaced them better. Maybe if someone with no shortcut/launcher/quick texter app installed will find a difference, but if you have already somethg on, and replace it by this, it's not a problem.
    I didn't understand what you meant by the "send to" field problem. I didn't have one and I didn't mention it in my post, I guess you misread smth :p
    Oh and the first number staying after the red-end key is pressed is a good find. I didn't notice this bug before.
    And finally, I love the suggestions you made for it, esp the calendar idea, the profiles and bluetooth switchers. Would definetely be better to add a language switcher too! (for us bilingual and trilingual people)

  4. Hi Rita,
    sorry I didn't explain myself clearly when I said the "send to" field problem... I was actually referring to what you called the "sms defaults problem"... I assume is fixed in v1.01 because that's the one I installed.

    Great application but I uninstalled it unfortunately :-(


  5. hmmmm.i sud say it was a good infact the best app i saw uptill now seein as it is i mostly revolve around these applications for phone.but i too got something to complain never autostarts in my phone n73.neither does it not thier other application like the skyecaller or the other keylocker.i mean somtimes they do start(might be on their it?????) on booting or switchin my phone on n off and sometime i need to start myself.and this even after trying some apps like nstarter or phone shortcut.does any one here can thin k of a solution why its like that with my phone

  6. Wel, pradeep, did your phone crash recently? I've noticed that if a mobile phone crashes (ie shuts down and reboots by itself), every program set to autostart will not. The only thing that could put things back on track is reinstalling the program and sometimes a whole formatting is needed. I hate this about Nokias!


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