Nov 30, 2007

Dotsisx gets reviewed!

Well, a lot is happening these days and as if that is not enough, Dotsisx (ie this blog) just got reviewed by Tarek of Symbiano-Tek. Last week he started a Friday blog review. Well everyone out there is reviewing devices, applications, games,... but who's reviewing the reviewers? Well, Tarek is. And that is one GREAT idea! It should introduce readers to other blogs, enhance bloggers relations and in a couple of words do some good to the mobile community.

So Dotsisx is this week on Tarek's radar and although the review is shorter than I would love it to be, he is right on with some points:
- The site design is very basic and well, I am working on it, step by step (the banner is the first one)
- The RSS link isn't visible to everyone and i will fix it
- The left column is crowded (but I still prefer it over right and let column templates)
- I get sidetracked often, but I think these sidetracks help readers know the blogger better and identify him as a person, not just a technophile with nothing else going on. Well at least I, for one, prefer sites where bloggers introduce a personal touch.
- I don't post often and that is the major letdown. One reason is the lack of time and the other the lack of material : I don't like to repeat the news on the blogosphere, and if I do, I only do so if I have some personal thoughts about it.

Well thank you Tarek for reviewing Dotsisx and for the good words! I hope Dotsisx remains a good source for your S60 3rd readings ;)

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