Nov 3, 2007

Small Site Updates

Well, I don't know if you have noticed but Dotsisx has quite evolved since the first post I made here after shifting from Vox. The left column used to contain just the "About Me", "Labels" and "Archive" sections. Now it includes much much more, but I'll only highlight a few of the new additions:

1 - Interact with me
In this section you have the option to send me a free SMS to my mobile phone, to know my email address, to visit my MOSH page, my own poetry page and the Amicale FP website, which is the USJ Faculty of Pharmacy Student Board's Website, designed from scratch by yours truly (it's in french).
I also noticed that many people ask me to send them my themes (which are shown in the My Current Theme section) so i decided to upload my current theme to MOSH and share it with you guys. And while I am at it, I added a link to download my current ringtone, sms ringtone and feeds subscriptions addresses (in an OPML file, IE7 compatible)... I know I'm probably stealing some of Ricky's ideas here, but I suppose he'll be OK with it :)

2 - Get Dotsisx RSS
Dotsisx always had RSS but only if you cared enough to scroll down, down, waaaay down to the bottom of the site. I suppose it wasn't practical so I added the feed address (in feedburner) right on the left column, along with an RSS feed subscription counter and quick buttons to add to Google or Yahoo readers.

3 - Favourite ... of the Moment
This one has been here for a long time, but I haven't emphasized on it. It's actually a nice list that let's you see what are the latest apps / games / themes / ringtones / blogs / ... that I am checking and liking :D If there's another category of favourite you'd like me to add to the list, just ask ;)

4 - Nokia & Symbian Bookmarks
We love Nokia don't we? But we just hate that every little or big service of theirs has a different web address. Well, let's be serious for a while: you have to be a Symbian geek to know all of Nokia's ins and outs. So I added all the links to Nokia or Symbian services & sites that I know of. Hope you find something here you didn't know about ;)

5 - Free App Friday @ Handango
Handango have started making every friday one of their applications free. Click on this link and you immediately access the offer's page. Over the last 5 Fridays, they rotated between different platforms of which Windows Mobile, Smartphone, Blackberry, Palm and Windows Mobile again. I don't know if they'll ever offer a Symbian application, but I sure hope they do. And don't worry, if they do I'll instantly let you know!

There's also the My Current Theme, MyBlogLog, Bookmarks with my favourite blogs and sites and the Webrings and Carnivals.

I have been adding these changes day after day over the past months, and always trying to choose the most efficient and useful tools to add, whether it's for you readers or even for me, without generating much cluster. I hope you like what Dotsisx has become and if you have any propositions for useful widgets to add, shoot me a comment or an email. I'm open to suggestions.

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  1. Great updates! Of course I don't mind you stealing my ideas. ;) Site looks great, keep up the killer work


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