Nov 18, 2007

2 Games you shouldn't die before playing :p

Beside being very addicted to applications, I am a good gamer too. I can spend hours playing a certain game, even during my exams period, and I would never stop until I actually finish the game or get stuck without ANY solution. I have tried hundreds of games on my 3250: action, sports, boards, cards, brain, puzzles, racing, arcade, shooting,... just to name a few.

But there are really some games that stand out of the crowd when you're a good gamer, games that make you play them even after each level is finished, the championship is won and the phone battery is close to dead and you're away from any charging source. Of course there are the games that we all know about (ie Sky Force, Sky Force Reloaded, K-Rally, Top Hits Solitaire, Sensible Sudoku) but there are also 2 other games that got me at hello, or in other words made me stick to my phone for hours from the first time. Both are java, so they can be played on any mobile phone typically:

- Digital Chocolate's 3D Extreme Air Snowboarding: a great snowboarding game with multiple tricks, the ability to jump higher than you coul'd've imagined, 4-player mode and many levels to master your skills. The graphics aren't outstanding, but it definitely is a nice game to play. Even when you've conquered all levels, it's always nice to go back and try to break that record. Unfortunately I have formatted my phone recently so I can't remember what highscore I had achieved but I do believe it was amazing (h)

- Gameloft's Domino Fever: you've NEVER played domino until you've played this one. Maybe you went like "What?! Dominoes? Is she kidding?" but seriously, it's the most addictive game I have EVER played. The usual rules of dominoes are there, but there are also tweaked modes where you have to learn new rules and get used to them before you lose. Multiple rules, multiple modes, multiple dominoes, multiple sets, multiple opponents, mupltiple partners... Seriously this is THE domino game that will make you change your mind about dominoes being easy and recreational, forever. The first time I started playing it, I couldn't get out of bed before finishing it!

One last word, while I recommend both games, I should say that if you have 5$, go ahead, grab Domino Fever, I couldn't recommend it any more. If you're still doubting, I am thinking about reviewing it in a week or two, when I have some free time.

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